Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Orgasm Whore

Mmmmmm!  Now that is a HOT picture!  I love to be teased, taunted, kept on the edge and then finally  get that sweet, sweet release that I'm so desperate for.  I am, what I refer to as an "orgasm whore"!  I love to get off by being teased and taunted for long amounts of time, so that by the end I am begging for release.  And at least once a week a have an orgasm marathon in my bedroom, where I keep myself on the edge, tease myself and have a lot of hot fantasies playing through my head while I'm doing so!  Now what men don't usually know is that when I cum, I want to cum HARD.  I want that intense rush coursing through my body and I will do anything to get it.
Now don't worry guys ... I didn't forget about you ;)  Even though I love to cum hard and multiple times, your orgasm is my reward.  There is nothing more sexy and fulfilling then hearing my hot caller on the other end of the phone moaning  until they reach an intense orgasm! And my pussy responds to your orgasm right on cue and my panties become soaked instantly.  Like I said, I am an orgasm whore and I live up to the name and am proud of the title!
Call me up and let me prove to you how much of an orgasm whore I can be!
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Saturday, November 23, 2013

The 50 Shades Of Roxy

There's nothing I love more then reading a good book at night while I'm lying in bed ... and even better when it's a naughty book!  Recently I was in my local book store browsing through, looking for my next great read, when 50 Shades of Grey caught my eye.  Sure I have heard everyone raving about the book series, but it never truly sparked my interest until I saw the cover!

There was something very sleek and sexy about it, not to mention the fact that a tie can be used for lots of fun and kinky role playing scenarios and positions!  I grabbed the book from the shelf, took it over to the cashier, who rang me through, and I was on my way with a cheeky smile across my face.  

That night I laid in bed in my tank top and panties and opened my new book!  The story line of the book is actually really good, but my favorite part is of course all of the naughty ones :)  I go to bed each night with wet panties in anticipation of what Mr. Grey will do to her next!  And before I know it my hand is down my panties and I am moaning along with the character in the book.

Want to know what I learned through my 50 shades journey so far?  Call me and I'll tell you all about the naughty little fantasies that ran through my mind!

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