Monday, April 14, 2014

Wet Dreams

It has been forever since I’ve posted a blog entry.  So I am long overdue!  So how are all My sexy guys doing today? 
I woke up this morning from an extremely HOT dream!  You know those dreams where you wake up flushed, aroused, wet and extremely horny … YES, one of those!  It felt so real and left me wanting more.  Now I don’t remember all the fine details like who it was, where we were, etc …  But I know that I was in a room, lying on a bed and there was a very sexy girl with me:)  
As most of you already know, I love it when a guy goes down on me and sucks my pussy until I’m begging for release.  But what some of you don’t know is that I love to play with girls too!  Now don’t get me wrong, I love cock! There is nothing like your big cock pounding away at my tight pussy and filling me up.  But I also love being with women too.  I had so many lesbian fantasies when I was younger that I finally went out and explored that fantasy with one of my good girlfriends and let’s just say that I was more than pleased with the outcome!  
So back to my dream!  I was lying along side a very cute, chubby girl.  Tracing my hand up and down along her curves YUM!  Going all the way down to her sweet spot and paying extra attention to rubbing her hard little clit while I was down there.  Her moans were getting louder and louder, she kept arching her back to meet my fingers that were working her clit harder and harder.  She was so turned on and her pussy was dripping in anticipation and I was going to give her the orgasm of her life.
When suddenly she put her hand down over mine and pulled it away.  ”I want to make you cum first,” was all that managed to escape her lips.  I quickly laid on my back and she kissed me with her soft lips right from my lips, all the way down my curvy body.  Stopping right above my pussy, teasing me with her tongue and I begged her to suck my pussy.  ”Please!” I said.  ”Please what?” she asked.  ”Please put your mouth on my pussy, make me cum in your mouth!”
With that she had her mouth on top of my pussy, sucking feverishly and teasing my hard little clit over and over again.  I could feel it building up inside me, my orgasm was right there on the edge just ready. She got brought her mouth back up my body, paying extra special attention to my huge perky boobs. Sucking my nipples and nibbling them with just enough force that the pain was a good pain.  I kissed her hard and fast, she could feel the wanting in the way I moved my tongue over hers.
Trailing back down over my body she found herself at my sweet spot again.  My pussy was on fire and I was thrusting my pussy up to her lips desperate to get that sweet orgasm.  And with that I woke up :(. My pussy was soaked and I was on the verge of orgasm laying there in my bed.  I know you guys can guess what I did immediately lol!  I brought myself to one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had.  And the fantasy kept playing out in my mind.  Do you want to know what happened with me and the mystery girl from my dreams?  Give me a call and I’ll tell you every single dirty detail!
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spend #ThongThursday With Roxy

Hi lovers.  I absolutely love that sexy picture of My round, plump ass!  Don't you?  Since I am fairly new to twitter I just found out today that on Thursday everyone uses the hashtag #ThongThursday and then they tweet a picture of the sexy thong they are wearing that day.  So I thought I'd get in on all the fun and tweet a little treat for my followers!  If you aren't following me on twitter you can do so HERE!
So I have decided that every Thursday I will be posting a picture of myself in a sexy thong!  I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I enjoy posting them.  And that means I'll definatley have to go shopping for some new sexy thongs :)  I've updated my wishlist with a few new pairs if any of my callers or followers would like to spoil me with a pair or two!  CLICK HERE to view my wishlist.

My NiteFlirt lines are on, I'm horny and waiting for your call tonight guys!  I can't wait to hear about your hot fantasies so that I can touch my sweet pussy and make you cum.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Bad Habits Are Hard To Break

Yesterday I was sitting with my girlfriend having coffee, chit chatting away like we always do a couple of times a week, when my girlfriend said, "What are you thinking about?"  She had caught me doing a little "habit" that I have done for years ... biting my lower lip.

You see, I have this habit of biting my lower lip every time a sexy or naughty thought pops into my head. And it just so happens that we were talking about one of my latest sexual encounters I had had!  The way my mind races is nothing short of fast and dirty and before I knew it I was thinking about how my lover was teasing me just before he entered my sweet pussy and with a steadily increasing rhythm he continued to pound me until he sent me hard over the edge in a mind blowing orgasm!  YUM!

I give myself away every time I bite my lower lip and only a select few people know what it means when I'm doing it!  So remember lovers ... when you're on the phone with me telling me a hot fantasy, what a good slut I am or how you are going to tease my sweet pussy with your thick, hard cock ... I'll be biting my lower lip hard on the other end of the phone in anticipation!

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Masturbation - Frisky Friday

I woke up this morning with a tingling in my sweet pussy and I knew that it was going to be another Frisky Friday for Roxy!  I immediately slid my hand down and over my cute white panties with the heart on the front and feverishly started rubbing.  Applying just enough pressure to tease myself so that my pussy responded in an upward thrusting motion.  I love to tease and keep myself on the edge!
My little button popped out so hard in response to my touch that I could feel it through my panties.  YUM!  Slowly I let my hand slid down inside my panties, instantly feeling the heat from my pussy.  My breathing quickened, my nipples became rock hard and I went to work on my clit while running my free hand over every inch of my curvy body!
I know my body very well and I know just how to tease myself and work my pussy to have a mind-blowing orgasm!  My moaning started off slow and got louder and louder as I worked my clit, pinching my nipples every so often until I was on the edge, almost begging for my morning orgasm.  But I wasn't quite ready yet!
Fantasies started running through my head about what kind of phone sex calls I was going to have today.   Where you were going to take me on our call, hearing you moan in my ear, how you were going to instruct me to rub my pussy.  With all those sexy thoughts running through my head it sent me over the edge and right into a mind-blowing orgasm!  I love to cum hard for you!  Breathless, tired, relieved and extremely happy I know that my sweet pussy is far from done today.
Frisky Friday is in full swing!  CLICK HERE to pick the topic that you want to explore with me and join me in my Frisky Friday Marathon!  I can't wait baby!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Phone Sex Listings On NiteFlirt

Hello lovers!  There are just so many different categories to choose from on NiteFlirt and just when I think I'm done making new listings I see some more that make my panties wet!  Here are some hot new phone sex listings for you to call me on:
  • Fetish - Submissive Women | 1-800-TO-FLIRT ext. 10184173
* Try To Tame This Sexy BBW Brat *

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  • BDSM - Submissive Women | 1-800-TO-FLIRT ext. 10208013
* Bratty, Sexy BBW Slut!  Make Me Submit Sir! *

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  • Oral Sex | 1-800-TO-FLIRT ext. 10208033
* Let Me Tell You How Badly I Want To Blow You *

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I hope to hear from you soon ;)

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What Is Your Favourite Sex Position?

I’m curious to say the least! I want to hear what sex position is the most popular when my sexy callers are getting down and dirty in the bedroom!

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The 10 Commandments Of Giving A Good Blow Job

The 10 Commandments
... of giving a good blow job
  1. Thou shalt make eye contact
  2. Thou shalt start slow
  3. Thou shalt use thy hands wisely
  4. Thou shalt spit before swallowing
  5. Thou shalt use thy tongue
  6. Thou shalt not use teeth
  7. Thou shalt honor thy balls
  8. Thou shalt deep throat to the best of your ability
  9. Thou shalt not be afraid to get messy
  10. Thou shalt experiment with swallowing and facials
Let's go through each one baby!  Thou shalt make eye contact:  there is nothing more sexy than us locking eyes when I'm sliding my mouth up and down your hard cock!  I get a kind of wild and erotic look in my eyes when I know how much I'm pleasing you.
Thou shalt start slow:  Now, most of the time I start off slow, teasing you with the tip of my tongue playing with the head of your cock.  Sliding my tongue up and down the bottom of your shaft.  Then there are other times when I just can't seem to help myself and I am feverishly sucking on your hard rod!
Thou shalt use thy hands wisely:  I am defiantly a hands on type of girl!  I love touching every inch of your body, as well as your cock!
Thou shalt spit before swallowing:  Lubrication is key to giving a mind-blowing blow job!  I like being an extra dirty girl and using my spit to help my mouth slide all the way down your cock.
Thou shalt use thy tongue:  I've already gave you a brief description on how I love to use my tongue.  Running it along every inch of your cock as my mouth devours your raging hard on.
Thou shalt not use teeth:  For the most part I cover my teeth, but there is a time and a place for everything ;)  I love to playfully nibble on your cock from time to time.  A little bit of a nibble can make a blow job extremely erotic!
Thou shalt honor thy balls:  Like I said, I'm a hands on girl.  Lightly squeezing, sucking, licking and playing with your balls!
Thou shalt deep throat to the best of your ability:  I'm let you in on a little secret ... shhhh!  I have almost no gag reflex!  And I especially love it when you ram your cock back my throat.
Thou shalt not be afraid to get messy:  The messier and dirtier, the better!
Thou shalt experiment with swallowing and facials:  I don't like to waste any of your hot cum baby.  I like to swallow every last drop!  But there is also something very erotic about your spraying your load all over my face as well .... MMMMMMM!
Call me on NiteFlirt baby and let me take care of that cock, just the way it should be!
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