Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The 10 Commandments Of Giving A Good Blow Job

The 10 Commandments
... of giving a good blow job
  1. Thou shalt make eye contact
  2. Thou shalt start slow
  3. Thou shalt use thy hands wisely
  4. Thou shalt spit before swallowing
  5. Thou shalt use thy tongue
  6. Thou shalt not use teeth
  7. Thou shalt honor thy balls
  8. Thou shalt deep throat to the best of your ability
  9. Thou shalt not be afraid to get messy
  10. Thou shalt experiment with swallowing and facials
Let's go through each one baby!  Thou shalt make eye contact:  there is nothing more sexy than us locking eyes when I'm sliding my mouth up and down your hard cock!  I get a kind of wild and erotic look in my eyes when I know how much I'm pleasing you.
Thou shalt start slow:  Now, most of the time I start off slow, teasing you with the tip of my tongue playing with the head of your cock.  Sliding my tongue up and down the bottom of your shaft.  Then there are other times when I just can't seem to help myself and I am feverishly sucking on your hard rod!
Thou shalt use thy hands wisely:  I am defiantly a hands on type of girl!  I love touching every inch of your body, as well as your cock!
Thou shalt spit before swallowing:  Lubrication is key to giving a mind-blowing blow job!  I like being an extra dirty girl and using my spit to help my mouth slide all the way down your cock.
Thou shalt use thy tongue:  I've already gave you a brief description on how I love to use my tongue.  Running it along every inch of your cock as my mouth devours your raging hard on.
Thou shalt not use teeth:  For the most part I cover my teeth, but there is a time and a place for everything ;)  I love to playfully nibble on your cock from time to time.  A little bit of a nibble can make a blow job extremely erotic!
Thou shalt honor thy balls:  Like I said, I'm a hands on girl.  Lightly squeezing, sucking, licking and playing with your balls!
Thou shalt deep throat to the best of your ability:  I'm let you in on a little secret ... shhhh!  I have almost no gag reflex!  And I especially love it when you ram your cock back my throat.
Thou shalt not be afraid to get messy:  The messier and dirtier, the better!
Thou shalt experiment with swallowing and facials:  I don't like to waste any of your hot cum baby.  I like to swallow every last drop!  But there is also something very erotic about your spraying your load all over my face as well .... MMMMMMM!
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