Monday, December 9, 2013

Bad Habits Are Hard To Break

Yesterday I was sitting with my girlfriend having coffee, chit chatting away like we always do a couple of times a week, when my girlfriend said, "What are you thinking about?"  She had caught me doing a little "habit" that I have done for years ... biting my lower lip.

You see, I have this habit of biting my lower lip every time a sexy or naughty thought pops into my head. And it just so happens that we were talking about one of my latest sexual encounters I had had!  The way my mind races is nothing short of fast and dirty and before I knew it I was thinking about how my lover was teasing me just before he entered my sweet pussy and with a steadily increasing rhythm he continued to pound me until he sent me hard over the edge in a mind blowing orgasm!  YUM!

I give myself away every time I bite my lower lip and only a select few people know what it means when I'm doing it!  So remember lovers ... when you're on the phone with me telling me a hot fantasy, what a good slut I am or how you are going to tease my sweet pussy with your thick, hard cock ... I'll be biting my lower lip hard on the other end of the phone in anticipation!

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