Monday, December 9, 2013

Bad Habits Are Hard To Break

Yesterday I was sitting with my girlfriend having coffee, chit chatting away like we always do a couple of times a week, when my girlfriend said, "What are you thinking about?"  She had caught me doing a little "habit" that I have done for years ... biting my lower lip.

You see, I have this habit of biting my lower lip every time a sexy or naughty thought pops into my head. And it just so happens that we were talking about one of my latest sexual encounters I had had!  The way my mind races is nothing short of fast and dirty and before I knew it I was thinking about how my lover was teasing me just before he entered my sweet pussy and with a steadily increasing rhythm he continued to pound me until he sent me hard over the edge in a mind blowing orgasm!  YUM!

I give myself away every time I bite my lower lip and only a select few people know what it means when I'm doing it!  So remember lovers ... when you're on the phone with me telling me a hot fantasy, what a good slut I am or how you are going to tease my sweet pussy with your thick, hard cock ... I'll be biting my lower lip hard on the other end of the phone in anticipation!

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Masturbation - Frisky Friday

I woke up this morning with a tingling in my sweet pussy and I knew that it was going to be another Frisky Friday for Roxy!  I immediately slid my hand down and over my cute white panties with the heart on the front and feverishly started rubbing.  Applying just enough pressure to tease myself so that my pussy responded in an upward thrusting motion.  I love to tease and keep myself on the edge!
My little button popped out so hard in response to my touch that I could feel it through my panties.  YUM!  Slowly I let my hand slid down inside my panties, instantly feeling the heat from my pussy.  My breathing quickened, my nipples became rock hard and I went to work on my clit while running my free hand over every inch of my curvy body!
I know my body very well and I know just how to tease myself and work my pussy to have a mind-blowing orgasm!  My moaning started off slow and got louder and louder as I worked my clit, pinching my nipples every so often until I was on the edge, almost begging for my morning orgasm.  But I wasn't quite ready yet!
Fantasies started running through my head about what kind of phone sex calls I was going to have today.   Where you were going to take me on our call, hearing you moan in my ear, how you were going to instruct me to rub my pussy.  With all those sexy thoughts running through my head it sent me over the edge and right into a mind-blowing orgasm!  I love to cum hard for you!  Breathless, tired, relieved and extremely happy I know that my sweet pussy is far from done today.
Frisky Friday is in full swing!  CLICK HERE to pick the topic that you want to explore with me and join me in my Frisky Friday Marathon!  I can't wait baby!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Phone Sex Listings On NiteFlirt

Hello lovers!  There are just so many different categories to choose from on NiteFlirt and just when I think I'm done making new listings I see some more that make my panties wet!  Here are some hot new phone sex listings for you to call me on:
  • Fetish - Submissive Women | 1-800-TO-FLIRT ext. 10184173
* Try To Tame This Sexy BBW Brat *

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  • BDSM - Submissive Women | 1-800-TO-FLIRT ext. 10208013
* Bratty, Sexy BBW Slut!  Make Me Submit Sir! *

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  • Oral Sex | 1-800-TO-FLIRT ext. 10208033
* Let Me Tell You How Badly I Want To Blow You *

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I hope to hear from you soon ;)

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What Is Your Favourite Sex Position?

I’m curious to say the least! I want to hear what sex position is the most popular when my sexy callers are getting down and dirty in the bedroom!

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The 10 Commandments Of Giving A Good Blow Job

The 10 Commandments
... of giving a good blow job
  1. Thou shalt make eye contact
  2. Thou shalt start slow
  3. Thou shalt use thy hands wisely
  4. Thou shalt spit before swallowing
  5. Thou shalt use thy tongue
  6. Thou shalt not use teeth
  7. Thou shalt honor thy balls
  8. Thou shalt deep throat to the best of your ability
  9. Thou shalt not be afraid to get messy
  10. Thou shalt experiment with swallowing and facials
Let's go through each one baby!  Thou shalt make eye contact:  there is nothing more sexy than us locking eyes when I'm sliding my mouth up and down your hard cock!  I get a kind of wild and erotic look in my eyes when I know how much I'm pleasing you.
Thou shalt start slow:  Now, most of the time I start off slow, teasing you with the tip of my tongue playing with the head of your cock.  Sliding my tongue up and down the bottom of your shaft.  Then there are other times when I just can't seem to help myself and I am feverishly sucking on your hard rod!
Thou shalt use thy hands wisely:  I am defiantly a hands on type of girl!  I love touching every inch of your body, as well as your cock!
Thou shalt spit before swallowing:  Lubrication is key to giving a mind-blowing blow job!  I like being an extra dirty girl and using my spit to help my mouth slide all the way down your cock.
Thou shalt use thy tongue:  I've already gave you a brief description on how I love to use my tongue.  Running it along every inch of your cock as my mouth devours your raging hard on.
Thou shalt not use teeth:  For the most part I cover my teeth, but there is a time and a place for everything ;)  I love to playfully nibble on your cock from time to time.  A little bit of a nibble can make a blow job extremely erotic!
Thou shalt honor thy balls:  Like I said, I'm a hands on girl.  Lightly squeezing, sucking, licking and playing with your balls!
Thou shalt deep throat to the best of your ability:  I'm let you in on a little secret ... shhhh!  I have almost no gag reflex!  And I especially love it when you ram your cock back my throat.
Thou shalt not be afraid to get messy:  The messier and dirtier, the better!
Thou shalt experiment with swallowing and facials:  I don't like to waste any of your hot cum baby.  I like to swallow every last drop!  But there is also something very erotic about your spraying your load all over my face as well .... MMMMMMM!
Call me on NiteFlirt baby and let me take care of that cock, just the way it should be!
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Orgasm Whore

Mmmmmm!  Now that is a HOT picture!  I love to be teased, taunted, kept on the edge and then finally  get that sweet, sweet release that I'm so desperate for.  I am, what I refer to as an "orgasm whore"!  I love to get off by being teased and taunted for long amounts of time, so that by the end I am begging for release.  And at least once a week a have an orgasm marathon in my bedroom, where I keep myself on the edge, tease myself and have a lot of hot fantasies playing through my head while I'm doing so!  Now what men don't usually know is that when I cum, I want to cum HARD.  I want that intense rush coursing through my body and I will do anything to get it.
Now don't worry guys ... I didn't forget about you ;)  Even though I love to cum hard and multiple times, your orgasm is my reward.  There is nothing more sexy and fulfilling then hearing my hot caller on the other end of the phone moaning  until they reach an intense orgasm! And my pussy responds to your orgasm right on cue and my panties become soaked instantly.  Like I said, I am an orgasm whore and I live up to the name and am proud of the title!
Call me up and let me prove to you how much of an orgasm whore I can be!
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Saturday, November 23, 2013

The 50 Shades Of Roxy

There's nothing I love more then reading a good book at night while I'm lying in bed ... and even better when it's a naughty book!  Recently I was in my local book store browsing through, looking for my next great read, when 50 Shades of Grey caught my eye.  Sure I have heard everyone raving about the book series, but it never truly sparked my interest until I saw the cover!

There was something very sleek and sexy about it, not to mention the fact that a tie can be used for lots of fun and kinky role playing scenarios and positions!  I grabbed the book from the shelf, took it over to the cashier, who rang me through, and I was on my way with a cheeky smile across my face.  

That night I laid in bed in my tank top and panties and opened my new book!  The story line of the book is actually really good, but my favorite part is of course all of the naughty ones :)  I go to bed each night with wet panties in anticipation of what Mr. Grey will do to her next!  And before I know it my hand is down my panties and I am moaning along with the character in the book.

Want to know what I learned through my 50 shades journey so far?  Call me and I'll tell you all about the naughty little fantasies that ran through my mind!

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Celebrate Humpday With a Audio Clip From Roxy

The Classic Wink SmileyHappy humpday!  Every Wednesday I spend most of the day doing what all of us should be doing on humpday.  I'm sure you can use your imagination to figure out what that is!  I made a little voice sample for all you sexy men.  Would you buy a car without hearing how the motor sounds first?  Enjoy boys!

My Niteflirt lines are on and I'm ready to take your hot calls!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Roxy The Busy Bee!

I have been working extra hard over the last 24 hours to get a few more listings up on NiteFlirt!  Although, I am my worst enemy because I am a bit of a perfectionist and if something doesn't look right or needs to be touched up I will go back and do it again until it's right.  But I now have 5 different phone sex listings available for my sexy callers!

Call Roxy Grinds for phone sex on

Call Roxy Grinds for phone sex on

Call Roxy Grinds for phone sex on


Call Roxy Grinds for phone sex on

Call Roxy Grinds for phone sex on

I can't wait to hear all the kinky things you have to tell me that will make my panties wet!  Don't be shy, click on the category that you would like to talk about and if you're not sure what you'd like to talk about, pick any of them and I'm sure we'll come up with a hot fantasy that both of us will enjoy!

I've also made a Wishlist through Amazon.  Maybe there's a sexy little outfit you'd like to spoil me with or maybe you'd just like to get me a present for being extra naughty on one of our calls!  Click the button below to view it and I will be adding more over the next week.  As of now I'm only taking gift cards because I don't have the proper shipping set up.  Click Here to send an Amazon Gift Card to me, make sure to include the shipping as well in the amount and the item you would like to spoil me with.  If you don't know how much the shipping is then shoot me an e-mail and ask.  Gift cards can be sent to my e-mail!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Call And Get Your Cock Rocked By Roxy!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Allow me properly introduce myself ... my name is Roxy Grinds, but you can just call me Roxy.  I am brand new to Niteflirt and I am so excited to take my first call!  A few things you should know about me is that I am pistol in the bedroom and I love phone sex!  I am 28 years old, dark brown hair, big boobs and a nice plump ass.  I love my curves, love my body and I just can't stop touching it.  I like it sensual and romantic sometimes and other times I like it hard and dirty. 

Right now I don't have a steady boyfriend and that's just how I like it.  I don't want one ... fucking when I want and whoever I want is what I desire right now.  Nothing makes me wetter than meeting a guy when I'm out, flirting and then rolling around in the sheets with their big hard cock. 

So what are you waiting for boys ... call me on Niteflirt.  I'm horny, wet and ready to get off with you!  I can't wait to see who will be the first to call and get their cock rocked by me :)

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