Friday, December 6, 2013

Masturbation - Frisky Friday

I woke up this morning with a tingling in my sweet pussy and I knew that it was going to be another Frisky Friday for Roxy!  I immediately slid my hand down and over my cute white panties with the heart on the front and feverishly started rubbing.  Applying just enough pressure to tease myself so that my pussy responded in an upward thrusting motion.  I love to tease and keep myself on the edge!
My little button popped out so hard in response to my touch that I could feel it through my panties.  YUM!  Slowly I let my hand slid down inside my panties, instantly feeling the heat from my pussy.  My breathing quickened, my nipples became rock hard and I went to work on my clit while running my free hand over every inch of my curvy body!
I know my body very well and I know just how to tease myself and work my pussy to have a mind-blowing orgasm!  My moaning started off slow and got louder and louder as I worked my clit, pinching my nipples every so often until I was on the edge, almost begging for my morning orgasm.  But I wasn't quite ready yet!
Fantasies started running through my head about what kind of phone sex calls I was going to have today.   Where you were going to take me on our call, hearing you moan in my ear, how you were going to instruct me to rub my pussy.  With all those sexy thoughts running through my head it sent me over the edge and right into a mind-blowing orgasm!  I love to cum hard for you!  Breathless, tired, relieved and extremely happy I know that my sweet pussy is far from done today.
Frisky Friday is in full swing!  CLICK HERE to pick the topic that you want to explore with me and join me in my Frisky Friday Marathon!  I can't wait baby!

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